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Retired and tired of being retired? ... .. . We have the part-time opportunity you are looking for!

JobsWe are looking for experienced people to perform various technical and professional tasks for our customers. If you have three or more years of hands-on experience we would like your resume.

Key Benefits

bulletYou will be able to get back into the work you enjoy.
bulletPick your own hours - work only when you want to work.
bulletEarn extra money doing the work you love.

To find out how you can put your knowledge and experience to work for companies such as Textron Lycoming, GTE Airfone, Shimadzu, Unisys, and many others, give us a call or leave us feedback and we will mail you information so that you can register your skills with us.  Then, when one of our customers need your skills at one of their suppliers near where you live, we will give you a call.



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